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Deep Sense Massages is a service for women only in Leiden. It offers you a deep relaxation of your body and mind. The massage reduces stress, tension, fatigue and may relieve pain. It makes you conscious of what you really feel, need and are longing for. A Deep Sense Massage is a way of paying gentle attention to yourself. 


The classical massage is known for techniques like kneading and rubbing of and on the skin. Herbal oils are used for a smooth massage. Hot stones can be used to warm your body up. Pulsing is a dynamic massage: the body is moved, rolled and shaken in different rhythms. From very subtle to firm. A combination of classical massage, hot stones and pulsing is also possible.



30 minutes      € 30,- (e.g. neck-shoulder-back massage) 

60 minutes      € 60,- (total body massage)

90 minutes      € 90,- (e.g. a combination of classical massage and pulsing)



For appointments, questions and information (address and route description) call or send an e-mail: 06-4582 1727 / Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.